Points for Production is an artistic research and the base ground for scripts, drawing series and video projects. Shalem, born in Haifa, Israel, 1971, moved to Berlin in 1989 two months before the wall went down. After graduating at the HdK, Berlin, an exchange period in Glasgow and one in Rotterdam, she has moved to Rotterdam. She works also under the name SpOp. Between 2014-2016 she has curated the film series Layers in WORM, Rotterdam. In 2018 she has produced the three channel installation Broom Groom. In the period 2018-2020 she has collaborated with musician Badgewearer for the project Works on White with international performances.

Shalem has been awarded the Culture Prize South Holland 2022, given by the Prins Bernhard Cultural Fund. Her installation Alterations has been exhibited at the _V2Lab and at the Rotterdam Theater and soon in Belgrade at the Parabrod center. She has just tested her recent documentary project Milk at the Goethe institute, Rotterdam. The project is due at MU, Eindhoven with the co-production of TENT, Rotterdam. Meanwhile also collaborating with musician Dirk Bruinsma on audiovisual projects such as Knots and Conveyance as well as painting and drawing in the studio.





Clumped-Dissolved, part of a Monoták project and continuing to further audiovisuals.. 2024

Milk, a multi-channel 80min loop installation, an expanded documentary, 2024

Tribolumina, an audiovisual performance with percussion and electronics- Bruinsma and Christian Smith, 2023

Audiovisual performances: Knots and Conveyance in collaboration with Dirk Bruinsma.

Conveyance , 15min. video for a live organ-performance by Dirk Bruinsma, 2022

Pale Drops # series and live, with Dirk Bruinsma 2022

KNOTS, a modified dance film with music by Dirk Bruinsma 2021

Alterations, a three channel installation with interaction, 2021

Works on White, live performances and video films, with Badgewearer 2018-2020

DIG, 5min. Music by Guillhem All, 2018


Broom Groom / Sweeping Solo, 14:54, music by Marc Verhoeven, (loop),2018


Duo Painters See Sparks, 09:03 min, Music by Guilhem All 2018


Pale Drops 2:38 min. (loop) 2017


Planban-Hephaestus 12:48min., music by Michel Banabila and Oene van Geel, 2016


Betonno 1st 04:49, music by Marc Vehroeven, 2016


Jutta Mind 17:15min. Soundtrack: Lukas Simonis and Vincent Denieul, 2015


Malnutrition witha Mind 01:58min., clip for Stepmother, 2015


Catch on a Datcha 17:00 min. music: Vincent Denieul, 2014


Frozen Hope 13 min. music: Lukas Simonis 2013


High Brow, Low Leg (video installation) 6 min.music: Tofu Bibles, 2012


The Second Illusion (clip and two channel inst.) 4:00 /11:00min., music: Zoikle, 2012


De Eeuwige Optie [The Everlasting Option] 23:03min. 2011


Casa Incognita 03:03min. with Lenno Verhoog, music film for VRIL, 2010


Phlegm 11:01min. 2010


Enhance Dehance 10:14min. 2009


Points for Production 10:00min. 2007


Living Room 10:00min. 2005


ClearCurves 02:00min. 2003

Taillebloed video for theater during 'het Boulevard festival' (with Lenno Verhoog) 2003


Brain-Care 02:00min. 2002

Leugens (Lies) video for tour 'het Waterhuis' theater (with Lenno Verhoog) 2002


Juist & Joost (3 episodes in collaboration with Lenno Verhoog) VPRO TV 2001


Transits 05:00min. 2000


Tiger & Rabbit 05:00min. 1999