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Works on White / with Badgewearer

Video films & performances

Works on White present quotes and comments, landscapes and textures, beats and linearities, all dealing with the notion of White. White in relation to identity and as an abstraction.

08-09/02/19 Kunst&Complex, Rotterdam, NL

10/02/19 Extrapool, Nijmegen, NL

18/04/19 Guild Cinema, Albuquerque, USA with Tiny Americans

20/04/19 Center for Peace , "       "         "

24/04/19 Jhonny's warehouse, Tucson,  "         "

22/05/19 screening of Works on White #2, Off-Screen, Rotterdam

19/06/19 WORM, Rotterdam, NL

21/09/19 Magacin, Belgrade, RS

24/09/19 DorcolPlatz, Belgrade, RS

28/09/19 LaboNovo, Reillanne, FR

10/11/19 Le Mini Who, with WORM, Utrecht, NL

07/03/20 Ursula Walter gallery, Dresden, DE

29/03/20 Ann Arbor film festival, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

Broom Groom

Video installation

26/03-01/06 2020 at The Science Gallery, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam

A fragmented and looped film adjusted into a sculptural presentation on three monitors. With music by Marc Verhoeven.


In development: an interactive video installation.


Dealing with transitions in time and space. Taking place in Rotterdam and Belgrade.

With the kind support of the Dutch Creative Industries funds.

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